Monday, May 28, 2007

Confessions online!

Screwed up something?

Now you can confess here online!

Dont forget to read some interesting confessions there.

Sample this

"I've had eating disorders since I was 13. I always felt that anorexia took everything away from me. Before I was a good student and athlete. I was healthy and pretty. By sophomore year my hair was falling out, my period stopped (and would not start again for years), I could not hold my bladder, I coudln't sleep, I couldn't play soccer. I knew my body was dying at age 15.I'm 23 now. I survived that epidsode, but I've never been the same. I've been bulimic ever since. In some ways it's worse now, not physically. But emotionally. I feel so disgusting, so alone. I isolate myself completely (to the point where i've moved a hemisphere away!). I've never dated since anorexia. I feel too fat. Too ugly. Unworthy of anybody. Undeserving of love."


PS: Read a few confessions today (23rd June)...Disturbing...


  1. so did u confessed or nt???

  2. Aap ne kya confess kiya? Some sin in London ;-))

  3. Hey is this you….Mr Gaurav Rathore?

    Never knew that…..uss shaitan se chehre ke peeche itna aacha lekhak chupa hua hain…….

    Too good ….!!!It took almost 4 dayzz to read all your blog…No No NO…not complete 24 hrs…but just 20mins I guess, a day..:-)))

    Diary+Columinst= ur blog….

    Your diary part is okay but column part is superb….u express it quite nicely….:-))))

    Hope to see some more good ones….


  4. Ohh sorry forgot to mention my name.....


  5. seems to be quite impressed by Rakhi Sawant....Good hain ji..;-))