Sunday, December 07, 2008

The mystery of 49-O

Since the terror attacks, there is a flood of mails cursing the politicians, need for change and asking people to use Rule 49-O of ‘The Conduct of Election Rules’. There seems to be loads of myths associated with this rule. Even the websites on the net are providing wrong information (Check THIS and THIS) let alone social networking forums. This post is just to break a few myths associated with Rule 49-O.

49-O is not an article of Indian Constitution. Its one of the Rule of ‘The Conduct of election Rules .

Under this rule, you can visit the polling booth, identify yourself to the presiding officer at the booth and then inform him that you do not intend to vote anybody. Please note that in the process your identity will be revealed which is against the essence of Secret Ballot. This is just a way to indicate that you voted (So your vote cannot be misused) but not in favor of any candidate. Your vote would be a part of official counting numbers but it won’t have any impact on the outcome of the results.

Under no conditions there would be any re polling or cancellation of elections.

A few sites suggests if the no. of ‘ voted nobody’ is greater than the winning margin then the election would be declared void and there will be re-polling. Some even suggests that these candidates cannot be a part of re election process. These are baseless statements.



  1. Gaurav,
    You may be right. I think the post was part of a user contribution.

  2. Are you sure that last statement holds?
    Somehow the news is that election would be conduted again!But yup they could be part of reelection process.
    DOnt know... everyone is spreading there own news...

  3. @Anonymous..

    Yes, It does. No re polling under present circumstances.