Monday, July 18, 2005

My Sunday...

1. Got up at 6:45 AM.
2. Off to Lonavala at 8:30AM.
3. Reached at 9:45AM
4. Near/around/beside/in the waterfall till 2:30PM.
5. Feel of drizzle at 3:30PM.
6. Back in Mumbai at 6:30PM
7. On the road for a bike trip at 7:00 PM
8. Packed burger and coke from McD at 7:30PM
9. Aimless drive on Palm Beach road.
10. Had burger/coke sitting roadside.
11. Saw "Pretty Woman" on Zee studio till 11:00 PM.
12. A round of Maggie and tea.
13. A leisurely walk on a highway bridge near the residence at 12:00 midnight
14. A peaceful sleep till 8 in the morning.

What else do u want from life Mr. Rathore?
Ans: 365 Sundays!

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