Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fresh Innings!

Looking at the last few posts made me realise that i have more or less not posted here since returning from my last visit to India. And now, after nearly 8 months, its time for another visit! Its been 16 months here among white babes! Quite a long time! Still, Bombabes are better ;-)

My flatmate is currently on a visit to India and I am all alone killing my time on this laptop and stock market analysis. This solitude made me realise that i enjoy spending time all alone more than with guys around me (I always had this doubt ;-) ) and considering that in all probability i will be a married guy in next two or three years, its a scary realisation.

I am almost out of touch as far as blogging is concerned and the effort that this post is taking is more or less equal to the struggle that Mcgrath used to do while in batting crease. I wonder i was an active blogger once! Almost every body from those days have stopped writing. Even the last man standing, Deepak, is not posting these days. In the last few days, met a few bloggers which rekindled my spirits. Lets see how this innings goes. Just hope future posts wont be as crap and as time consuming as this one.

So..This was just to start another innings.


  1. hello hello...good to see you back...& just hope ke yeh fresh innings lambi chale!! :-)


  2. Wlcome Back :).

    Hope all will come back and we will do the same blogging hungama :) but you have posted this post on 6th and today it already 25th.....

    so if you play this enning slow like this and you will be clean bold yaar. And fir century ka kya hoenga :P

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