Saturday, January 20, 2007

Murphy and Me...

My life is full of incidents, accidents, situations and circumstances which can be faithfully explained only by Murphy’s laws. This guy is practically dictating my life.

Just a snapshot…

Whenever I watched any of my stock booming and decided in the night about selling it, the stock either crashed with the opening bell of the stock exchange next day or the entire set of bulls converted into wild bears over night converting my share into a penny stock.

Whenever I felt cramps on my body or had a disturbed sleep and I went to office praying for a ‘light’ day in office, I had entirely new set of loads to finish and I ended up doing donkey’s job.

If I target 8:55 bus in the morning and reach bus stop at 8:54, the bus will turn up at 9:15. Next day, if I target the same 8:55 bus and reach there at 8:56, it would have left at 8:54.

No matter how hard I search for the best deal in the market, after I buy something, it will definitely end up ‘on sale’ everywhere in a few days time. Take this, I bought my Sony cell phone after surfing many, for 130 pounds. Five days later, it was available in 99 all over!!

The probability that my shoe lace will open up is maximum when I am visiting a peak in Switzerland packed with all warm clothes and three set of hand gloves.

My camera roll will get exhausted at most obscure places at the time when I just find/experience the best location/sunset during the entire visit.

There are hundreds such incidents that happen with me….Atleast 2 a day!! Infact Murphy got pretty active during last few months so I thought of documenting these.

Am sure my life will continue to be governed by his laws, so more will follow.



  1. I blogged about my experiences with Murphy's laws. :).. Credits duely paid.

    Coming to documentation.. err.. no let me not start over here.. :P.. This is your space.. :D

  2. LOL...seems Murphy rules everyone's life!

    BTW, wasnt expecting a new post this keep the flow like this ...

    Enjoyed reading this!