Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why should we love Kabaddi?

I love Kabaddi. Since yesterday, I have started loving it more. There is no reason why I shouldn't. The game has its origin in India. For many years, we were the only ones who played the game and hence we were the best. Now there are few others, Timbuktu, Chinchpokli and Jhumritallaiya to name a few. With some internal fixing, we managed to put the game as a part of Asian games Menu in 1990. It's been 5 Asian games since then and we have collected 5 gold medals. 100% success rate. There are stronger reasons too.

1.Australians and South Africans don't play Kabaddi. Hence probability of our winning increases.

2.Apart from the Asian Games (which we win comfortably each time), there is hardly any tournament of note. Hence no disappointment every other day.

3.Even if they start organising tournaments for Kabaddi, they won't be telecast on TV (live or recorded). Hence saves our time and enhances the efficiency of the entire nation.

4.Kabaddi has to cover a lot of distance to entice match fixers/ Bookies. So, in those terms it promises to stay a clean game at least for the next 100 years.

5.No dope tainted individuals.

6.Nobody knows the name of out Kabaddi team's Captain and coach. Hence they are not answerable to anybody even if they loose.

7.Nobody knows the names or the faces of the players either. Hence, even if they loose to some country, they cannot be manhandled (as you need to recognise them to do that) and there wont be slogans against them (for that you need to know the name).

8.Their residences won't be gheroed as nobody knows where they reside.

9.Their restaurants won't be pelted as they don't own any.

10.New Zealanders and West Indians don't play kabaddi either!



  1. Point! - I agree

  2. Long time since visited ur blog.. made my day... nicely written

  3. play punjab style kabaddi one on one national style is garbage.
    watch it on youtube youtune you will know what is kabaddi

  4. i agrre with you anonymous
    try circle style(punjab) kabaddi