Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Winning and Loosing

Loosing a match is not a crime. Even loosing against Bangladesh is not a crime. After all it’s just a game and this is not the first time we surrendered to them. Even the mighty Australians were humiliated in a one day game by Bangladesh in their own backyard. So that way loosing a one day game is just a matter of one bad day on the field. I mean any day this Indian team is better than Bangladesh.

The painful part is the platform which they chose to perform badly or chose not to perform at all. World Cup is the ultimate test and recognition of any sport. History proves that the individuals and teams tend to raise their standard when it comes to world championships and Olympics. Be it any sport. An Oliver Kahn inspires whole of Germany to achieve the impossible by reaching Football world cup finals, A Mark Phelps breaks all the swimming records in world championships, then you see a free kick from the mid line crashing into the goal post by one Ronaldinho, again in WC Most athletes tends to save their best for the Olympics and give their best performance when it matters most. It’s a matter of raising the bar a little higher when it comes to the showpiece event.

Sadly India was never a team who realised this. Barring a 20 month period under the Ganguly era, Indian cricket team never looked threatening. It’s only us who are raising the bar of expectations whenever Indian team is playing and not the players. It’s only us who consider our team as a threat to others and not the opponents! Fact still remains the same. A bunch of naturally gifted and highly potential players loosing to a team whose wins can still be counted on fingers.

People have already started looking at 2011 WC. And remember, we have an edge there. We have got one extra month for preparation. The other teams are still fighting in the Super-8!!!

Come-on Ireland!


  1. Many many happy returns of the day, though very much belated. Hope you had an outstanding day, and hope u hv a wonderful year ahead!

    About the Indian cricket team...the less said the better. let them wallow in anonymity for sometime, sab waapas khelne lag jaayeinge...

  2. ROTFLMAO @ extra month for preparation!! Boss, we will lose another month in finger pointing exercise !!

  3. Yup. indeed its we who have raised the expectations too high...
    We do expect that the INDIAN TEAM will do the best and i guess all had taken it for granted that our team will reach the "super 8" by default!!
    But no matter wot the result was, no matter how they performed, or no matter whose fault it was,i feel that the way we, THE INDIANS, reacted to the defeat of our team, our country in the WC was indeed sad!!!!
    If they win, they are our heroes n if if they lose, v cant just throw them in the trash rt???

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