Saturday, October 23, 2004

Escape from Routine!!

Lot of things happened during the last two three days…and so I have shrugged off the“monotonous life” tag for some time.

It was a traditional day of sorts in office on 21st and on the occasion of Dussehra all ladies were asked to wear sari and guys were supposed to wear Kurta. Now this activity was totally optional but thanks to some dear colleagues of mine ,it was made a sort of compulsory thing for me and that REQUEST from the office authorities became an ORDER for me!!!Now the problem was..i didn’t have any Kurta. And although one of my friend offered to lend me one..there was another glitch. The dimensions of my body generally does not allow me to fit into anybody’s clothing. But as my friends were hell bent on making me a clown..i bowed to their wishes.And on 21st , I was wearing Kurta with my Jeans…(am not sure whether I was wearing Kurta ot kurta was wearing me!!)

During the last four days, I had two long drive and one long-long drive!!Actually on first two occasions we were driving withing the city and yesterday we pushed ourselves to Lonavala..It was not at all planned and after having lunch at a restaurant, we thought of driving somewhere and ended up at Lonavala. There we saw sun set point…Yes only sun set point and not the actual sunset as we were pretty late to reach there and sun was already below the horizon..!! Then again it was a nice drive back to Mumbai ..All in all a nice day.

Now I am having plans to go to Pune..and yes..there is no chance of derailment of this plan as I am scheduled to leave for Pune in next 1 hour…Although I have been statying in Mumbai for the past 15 months ..i was not privileged enough to visit Pune..I just hope it will be fun…

Two topics are doing rounds in my mind these days…
1. Dual faces of Mumbai..
2. Importance of Gadgets in Life these days!!
Would like to write a little about them sometime…

1. Still praising the B & W beauty of Photographs..
2. Still planning to see Vaastushashtra…
3. Still listening to Veer Zaara…
4. Still having Waiting – 13 Status for my journey…
5. Still all my clothes are screaming for a wash!!!


  1. Pune is one place I wanna visit..unfortunately havent got the chance yet..anyways hav a nice trip :)

  2. Hi. Nice blog u have buddy. I really like the concept of these Days in office where they give a dress code n all. They help in breaking the monotony of office life. Hey, VEER Zaara rocks!!! He he... is it the fate of clothes of every hosteler to scream for a wash :)))


    HI..came here through a link! Nice , neat , well ordered blog here. BTW I love the music of VEER ZAARA and also been listening to it non stop. In fact, if you want u can check out its review on my blog ... ( Its still not disappeared into the archives ). I have also done a recap of some of my better posts ( thats the second last post ); and the last one is a whacko corny story NAAGIN that i wrote...if u hv even a mild interest in Bollywood u will like it ( and laugh over it ... though the length is a tad long , like our films!) but its got all the cliches and stock scenes that we keep seeing in various films like a karva chauth scene, the heroine in white sari in rain, the mother feeding gajar ka halwa, the heroine being saved from goons by hero, the heroine tearing off her dupatta to tie on hero's wounds etc etc. Do leave ur comments.

  4. Hey, the second comment was mine... forgot to write my name.... aparna.... :)

  5. @ Neha..Yeah pune is a lovely place and a heaven for 20s something guys and gals..Even i was not fortunate enough to visit the city during last 15 months of my stay in Mumbai..Had a nice trip..Will write about it soon..

  6. @ Aparna Thanks for the first comment Aparna and a million thanks for the second one as i was at total loss to guess who it was!! Screaming of the my clothes has become deafning now..guess ..will have to do something about them today itself!!

  7. @ Deepak..I have already been to u r blogs many times..although all visits were without VEER ZAARA review and i must say it was one of the best reviews i have ever encountered..yet to read the Nagin stuff!!

  8. hi..mehak here...first of all thanx for visiting my blog...ohhhh man y am i being so lovez perizaad...adnan.......pagal hai...though i love his udi udi udi from bak in mum or still in Pune...i've been to Lonavala...some 10 yrs ago....n Pune many Uncle was posted there.....lazy bum...get up n wash ur clothes....will b bak...till then tc !

  9. well,,loads of things happening now and loads of tensions..sounds like me a lot :-)

  10. hi mehak here......well i've spent 13 yrs of my life in i kinda understand the traffic of mum.

  11. @ Mehak
    The traffic here has only worsened after u left!!

  12. hey grtttt change from a "monotonus life" to smthg exciting.........
    well u were really looking dashing in ur red whnever u want to pro smbody u can wear that.......she wont say no..........:)
    I hv been to Lonavala coollll place yaar...........but pune no ........jst wish to go bfre leavg bombay....
    Love to listen to Veer zaara.....nice music.....
    hey how abt ur playing R.D Burman song on ur give a chance to listen
    Chk for FLavours seems a nice 1.....
    Well vaastushatra......bad....:(