Sunday, November 27, 2005

Me jealous...

Its a sunday..the day when i can watch TV without thinking of how the rest of the day will go..

My day started exactly 3 hours ago and while i am surfing on net, surfing is going on the TV too. But what i get to see is this chap, Emran Hashmi all over the channels. Same leather jackets, same type of picturisation of songs and similar songs..probably only difference are the lyrics but to me they sound similar too! Every producer is trying to churn out one more "bheege honth" or "woh lamhe" or an " Aashiq banaya aapne".

I have not seen many of his films but i just hate this guy. I mean he is terrible. First, coz of his face. He looks like a total 'mawali' type! When i go out on street, i can see atleast 2 to 3 better faces standing at a pan stall chewing tobacco or smoking cigrette! And secondly (I guess this is THE reason) he get to kiss all the beautiful babes around and he does not stop at that, he get the smooches too...and he get to.....i guess i shud shut my mouth now and continue to surf channes...

Take Care..

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  1. Finally! I got off my sorry arse and checked out my own blog! Thank you for posting there. :grin:

    And I agree with your assessment of Emran Hashmi... stupid looking guy who goes 'round kissing all kinds of females with a gross kind of fashion. Eww... what DO directors see in this guy?

    "Casting couch anyone?"