Friday, November 25, 2005

Stats never lie...

A few moments back i was surfing cricinfo site when i found out a rather disappointing piece of statistic. Disappointing coz it is related to the god of Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.

Its about the dismal performances of batsmen in the 4th innings in their test career and sadly enough, Sachin is featuring in that list. Against a splendid career average of 57.25, the maestro has managed a paltry 34.88 in the 35 4th innings he has played in his career. On top of that he just has 2 centuries and 2 half centuries in the fourth innings compared to 34 centuries and 41 half centuries overall!

A sad scorecard for a great batsman. Also, he has 14 single digit scores in those 35 innings! Surely he is cutting a sorry figure as far as fourth innings performance is concerned and nobody is more disappointed than the writer of this post.

You can check the stats here


  1. I'm pretty new to blogging. How do I post a new discussion, it seems i can only post replies to other discussions called "comments" but how do I start a new discussion ?

  2. Sachin has the knack of failing when he is needed the most. His record in ODI finals (except for 1998) is miserable too.