Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sad Demise...

I am fresh now. Fresh after surviving the heavy shelling and artillery fire from Anurag. Thank god I was talking to him on cell otherwise if I would have been in front of him, then by now I would be no more than a pulp!

As you all know we are just back from our adventure ride to Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani. We are having off on 26th & 27th March. For that we more or less finalized our next trip. We were planning to go to either Goa or Ganapathiphule this time and as always we were elated till this morning. It was the time for my brother to blast me. When I told him that I am coming home sometime in April (last time I visited in October!), he asked, “Are u not coming on holi?” Hearing my NO, he came out firing all cylinders and I surrendered!!

Current status: I have already called the travel agent to book my tickets for 19th March and will be back on 28th. Poor Anurag. He is having 3 days consecutive holidays and no place to go!! This was probably our last trip of the season because summers are catching up and now I guess I will have to wait for 3 more months for next! Even I am disappointed.

PS: Anurag, Please accept my full sympathy and sincere apologies as our plan is now buried six feet under! And apologies to Abhay too…;-)

1 comment:

  1. well this is your poor Anurag here.
    Who is actually not all that poor...and pitifying as you have made him.
    Magar iska bhayanak badla liya jaega...wo 3 din jo mai apne ghar mai akele baith ke bitaoonga...tujhe bahut bhaari padne wale hai rathore...
    Stay put...
    Not so Cheered...