Wednesday, March 09, 2005


It was another sleepy Sunday when I woke up at 9:00 am with nothing to do for the whole day! I mean nothing to shop, no dusting, no visits to any place, no guests expected and above all, no clothes to wash! The day started with usual T & TOI (I mean, Tea and Times of India). After flipping the sports pages and then the front page (I read newspaper in that order only!), Movie reviews grabbed my attention. It was the review of movie “Socha Na Tha”..Don’t get puzzled..There is actually a movie of this name, which released last Friday with Abhay Deol & Ayesha Takia in lead. The review covered not more than 8-10 lines but somehow I decided to go for that movie. I mean I didn’t want to spend my Sunday sleeping for 2 hours after every 2 hours! My flat mates readily agreed (Even they were totally Vela!). And there we were, at the theatre at 3:00 PM!

You know, life is best when you don’t expect anything out of it and let the things come to your way one by one. This macro principle applies for micro things too… like movies! When we went inside the theatre, we were completely blank and were not expecting anything from the movie. Neither we were expecting a crap nor a masterpiece! And I must admit that all three of us came out of the movie hall completely satisfied. I mean, if u want me to describe the movie in one word, I would say, entertaining. It had a minty fresh feeling (borrowing the word from TOI!). The dialogues were good and were enacted on screen very casually by the two lead actors. The story had the pace that is required to bind the audience and Abhay and Ayesha in their first and third film respectively, didn’t disappoint. I am not saying Abhay is the next superstar or something. Infact he would require all the luck in the world to get a second film and u can get atleast three better faces than him if u start searching in your own colony. But if you can keep his face aside for some moments, then the guy was as natural as possible.

I had a pretty dull day in the form of Monday. I was pretty busy with usual Monday things and had a severe headache in the evening, which continued till late in the night. After 4 medicines and 3 vomits, I was OK at 12:30 am! Slept peacefully till 8:00 in the morning but I was still feeling dizzy. I bravely encountered it till lunch but gave up after that and came back from office to catch some much-needed rest. I was dead on my bed for the next three hours. At 4:30, Anurag called me to inform that he is coming. An hour later, he was at my place and I was feeling as fit as John Abraham! Now we were hungry as always. Although Vashi McD is just 10 minutes drive from my place, we decided to go all the way to Panvel MCD as we wanted a drive too!! Just imagine, a 60 kms to and fro drive for a petty burger and French fries! As usual, we enjoyed the drive to the fullest and also made a quick plan for the night show. And guess which movie? Yeah..again” Socha Na Tha!” We still had some time in our hands, so we visited a bookshop and bought 3 books.. I took India Unbound by Gurucharan Das. After that watched the movie for the second time and loved it again.

For me, who is very choosy when it comes to watching movies in theatre, watching it for the second time in 3 days was totally unexpected! Really “Socha Na Tha”. As far as rating is concerned, I would say, It’s recommendable. Watch it and you will know why I am recommending it! But don’t beat me if u don’t like it! I mean it depends on your taste and the state of mind in which you go into the theatre!



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