Friday, December 24, 2004

Here is the break...

It’s the time to take a break…After REFLECTING on the way my life is going, in the last’s the time to ABSORB some of the energy from life..After feeling some sort of’s the time to fill the void…No No..i m not getting engaged or marrying some girl…I still want to breath peacefully!! ;-)
I will be out for the shortest trip possible. Along with one of my friend, Anurag, I am going to Murud/Janjira. Those from Bombay must be familiar with these names.

Historically: Murud was the capital of a small Janjira kingdom. Janjira is a Marathi corruption of the Arab word “Jazirah” meaning island. Their stronghold, a fortress now called Janjira, is an island 3 kms. from Murud.

Geographically:Murud is located 160 kms. down the coast from Mumbai.

Attractions: (a) A beautiful clean water beach and (b) The Janjira Fort

Gentrywise This I need to check!! ;-)

Best Part: We will be covering the entire distance on my friends bike i.e. Royal Enfield “Thunder Bird”!! And this visit will just serve as a dress rehersal for another adventure journey whose curtains will be unfolded most probably in my next post…

Now, Obviously I am going to enjoy this little trip like anything but this will have a direct effect on two important things…
1. The TO DO list will only have more additions…and my plan to bring it to 10 items will remain a distant dream…
2. And my clothes will continue to be unwashed for one more week which clearly indicates that my deodorant will have to perform at its best!!


  1. ahaan....enjoy ur ride ......have a wonderful week-end.
    Royal enfield.........too good a motorbike...

  2. I love beaches.. we have a quite a few this part of the world... went to a beautiful one recently... called tioman islands

  3. Phir Anonymous!! Mr./MS. aap ke liye maine naya comment box laga diya hai...wahan naam likhna zaroori usse try kijiye!!

  4. Hey..murud is a lovely place.. am sure u'll enjoy like as u n ur friend r going by "Thunder Bird" I'll suggest to stop by Kashid beach on the way.. its nice to explore.. another tip is, Try "solkadhi" its famous kokani drink,there r homely cottages avl at low price... guess thats much enough, Enjoy!!!
    _ Bhakti

  5. Beaches and Bikes..that's a fantastic combo..Have fun and merry christmas too!!

  6. damn!!! i always wnated to travel thr by bike .. enjoy the trip

    Vighy - (