Thursday, December 09, 2004


1. An Atheist
2. A teetotaler
3. A vegetarian by choice
4. Tea addict
5. A guitar player; intermediate stage
6. Electronics engineer
7. A telecom professional
8. An avid reader, be it newspapers, magazines or novels but hates fiction.
9. A very casual guy in his approach
10. Loves to travel and explore new places.
11. Loves adventure
12. Don’t love pets!!!
13. Lazy guy by nature
14. Hates washing clothes
15. Loves to write but most of the times his laziness scores over the writer inside him!!
16. Wants to have all the clothes in this world in his wardrobe.
17. Budding interests includes photography.
18. Ex- district level cricket player
19. A future social activist
20. Non believer in astrology
21. Non believer in superstitions
22. “NOT SO BAD” cook
23. Not a party animal
24. Loves solitude
25. Music lover
26. Loves to walk aimlessly on road
27. goes to bed not before 2:00 AM.
28. Loves to work at night
29. Special interests included history and Politics!!
30. Emotional at times

I guess some of u can add to this list...i would like to see that!!!


  1. U left one important thing....


  2. Why do ppl forget the best part of themselves while writing... My dearest Maverick, u do love...

  3. Yes...yu are all of the aforesaid and something more........yu keep dropping your specs down every now and then...yu appreciate very less....yu sure can express your feelings in writing than on ur face... yu are a nastik.....yu do not believe in combing ur hair... in short,yu are a chimpu.....eeeeeeeeeeee

  4. well man,,how did u come up with such a gr8 list and an exhaustive one...u have so many things to describe urself,,u shud be very common and wanted among girls ;-)

  5. hi gaurav. Like ur blog. the post on democarcy is really good. I agree to some of ur points. I will definately visit again and will look fwd to ur visits on mine. - Priyangini

  6. Dost,

    Well the most I can say is that this list is true, as for adding to the list, uh? 'am sure you don't want me to make that public, call me tonight and i'll do the needful, that would save you from public ignominy ;-)


  7. OMG too thinks that i m a flirt!!
    waise let me tell u one thing...its an art in itself..and a pretty difficult one to master!!

  8. @ Anonymous..I do love??
    hmmm..i guess yeah...but not in love with anyone rite now!!!
    STATUS: Single & Looking!!

  9. Hey Dhakkan...
    Thanks for adding to that list..infact every point is absolutely true..thinking of writing WHO AM I - PART-2!!

  10. Hey Ankz..
    Just try to think about urself for few moments and u will come up with a list for urself!!
    wanted among girls?? hmmm...thats highly debatable...

  11. Hi Priyangini...
    Thanks for the visit..looking forward to ur comments regularly and thanks for the appreciation on democracy post..was thinking of writing on the other two pillars of democracy too namely executive and judiciary..haven't got the time yet..


  12. And abby..
    what can i say to u..
    thanks for not washing my dirty linen in public!!

  13. hey u can add upon..
    Still needs to learn n experience love...hope to c u in that mode soon....
    ...n butofcourse a Grim liar