Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Am Confirmed now!!!

This is the third one in the series...

Date: 25th Aug’04
Time: 3:35pm

The time of my writings suggests that I m getting pretty much free time in office..Let me make this very clear here itself…am getting free time as I m efficient enough to complete the assigned tasks before time limit and not because I don’t have any work..another nice way to please u r self!!!

I have received my CAT material on 23rd, but yet to receive my CAT form. I have started my preparations starting with “quanta”…finished half of “Ratio & Proportions” Yesterday…will wind it up today. Although I know I had enough time yesterday itself to finish it off…but the sheer laziness got better of me…anything new? This has always been the case with me..

Have bought as new novel, “Snapshots from the Hell”. ‘The making of an MBA’. I have started it.. but I have finished just one chapter of it…So this is another place where I can put that lame excuse again…that I was too busy!!! (I know I m just not pushing myself).

I got the confirmation letter on 21st Aug.So now I am an L3 on paper also. Salary is decent enough now.. although I must admit that I have developed some sort of affinity with money now and everything is appearing as peanuts to me. Is it strange?? Nah..99.99% of the humans have this affinity…So nothing wrong with it…

Oh another news…got my quota of 41 TCS shares…The company got listed today and the stock that bought for 850 bucks opened at 1050 RS..although it has diminished to current 985 Rs (3:47 pm).

Did some shopping yesterday.. no no..not shirts and trousers..but shoe polish, shaving cream and blades…Yet to wash the clothes…(Guess this line is going to figure in every page of this diary).


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  2. Hi Vishwaneet..
    Thanx for reading..although its raining rite now..the weather these days here is pretty dry..with the sun glowithng in its true capacity and the humidty level good enuf to give u a typical "bambiyya mausam"...

  3. Hi Maverick.
    Thanks for replying. I wonder why my harmless post should be removed by an adminstrator - any ideas?

  4. Hi Vishwaneet..

    Sorry man...u r post was accidently deleted by me..
    Anywayz..Do u blog?

  5. I blog infrequently it's just to let off steam. Read me at www.vishwaneet.blogspot.com


  6. Hi vishwaneet...just visited u r blog..haven't gone thru the stuff...that i will do later in the day..but just had a look at the blog...

    and yes...your frequency of writing is not that bad either..its like once in every 6 days...which is the same as that of mine..