Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Day Out...


Date: 1st Sep’04
Time: 5:38 pm

So, Starting of a new month!! Not much happened during the last three days. So not much to write. I went for shopping on Sunday. I spent majority of the time searching for the street I was looking for. Although I have already been there twice, still my sense of direction and sense of path is something to beat. Its just mind blowing. After searching for one full hour in scorching heat, I realized that the street I was looking for is at Elephanstine station while I was looking for it at Lower Parel. Apart from this small mistake, I was well on my path. Finally I reached there but dropped the idea of buying from there, as I didn’t find nice pair of shoes there. Then returned back to Dadar.I bought lovely sports shoes. Brand is “Sprendi” . Then I committed a blunder. I decided to board a bus from Dadar to Vashi. Waited for the bus for 45 minutes. It was Jam-packed and I was having the same feeling as a donkey must have after carrying load for the whole day.

I was exhausted totally after reaching home. I decided not to continue the misadventure and dropped the idea of watching movie. So, now the plan of watching movie is again in its planning stages!! Another new plan is on the anvil now. Planning to go to matheran this weekend. Lets see this will materialize or not.

Ya.. One big news is that I got my incremented salary yesterday and its Pretty satisfying as far as financial security is concerned.

Now about the CAT preparations…I have read a few RC’s and have done pretty fairly in them but apart from that haven’t done anything. I will give myself 10 more days if my preparation continue to go in this haphazard fashion, I will replace that “spent” word with “wasted”.

Enough for today..

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