Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A day 48hrs long...

This is the last one from the old writings...
will start posting new ones as and when i write...
Till then enjoy...

Date: 9th Sep.
Time: 4:55 pm

Having a nice feeling today…Reason? Did some work, had one to one meeting with HOD twice and was asked to attend the all-important Friday meeting from tomorrow onwards. I think these are enough reasons to be happy.

Saw “Phir Milenge” last Sunday. It was a decent enough movie but was slow paced. Liked the acting of Abhishek Bachchan.He is maturing with every film. And full kudos to Revathi for making the likes of Shilpa Shetty and Salman Khan to act.

Matheran planned got off the track for me and this was one more plan which will add to my list of “Failed adventures”. Actually not my fault. Our deptt. has just received ISO 9001:2000 certification and the company threw a party to celebrate that. Attended the party and danced a lot after a long long time although didn’t enjoyed much and I don’t even know the reason. Some things are beyond reasoning. That was one.

Bought a new book on Saturday and already finished half of it. It is Sam Walton’s autobiography named “Made in America”. I am reading this one fist and my “Snap shots from the hell” is in wait state now.

The days are getting longer for me. These days am not sleeping before 3:00 am. And yes, that’s purely out of choice.

Some days are too long. Approximately of 48 hours. Sunday was one of them. It was long enough to push me to come to office even on Sunday to kill time. And I did that efficiently. Killed a total of 4 hours.

These days most of the time is going in Guitar, Novel, TV and..yes here is the surprise..Washing clothes. I have made it a point to wash at least two clothes every day. Any combination will do. 1-shirt 1-trousers, 1-shirt 1-t shirt, 2-T shirts or 2-Shirts but not 2-Trousers.That will be too much for me.

That’s enough for today…


  1. hey gaurav - chetan bhagat here. visiting ur blog for the first time.

  2. Hi Chetan ...
    am obliged..a published author is going thru my blogs..

  3. Hey gaurav,

    Just read that u got confirmed some time back, and a logical derivation from that is that u must have got a salary hike. So be a yo! bachelor and don't waste time washing the dirt of ur clothes, just go get urself some stuff, get branded. Joys of a Bachelor! (Do i hear some similarity between this and ur company's punchline):-)

    anyways, nice to read ur stuff.