Tuesday, September 14, 2004

CAT, Olympics & Plans!!

Fifth one...bear with me...Just two more..

Date: 28th Aug’04
Time: 5”09pm

Finally I got my CAT form yesterday evening and thanks to our postal department it reached me in exactly 8 days. Posted on Thursday and received on next Friday. If I am not wrong normal post reaches in 4 days time and cost u just 5 bucks of stamp instead of 60 bucks for speeding it up.

Now about the cell bill, which I was supposed, to pay on 26th as it was the last day. Just before leaving for the Web World, realized that the last date was 25th and not 26th (Why this happens to me only??). At that very moment dropped the idea of paying bill. Anyways they are going to charge me 25 bucks surcharge, doesn’t matter I pay today or with the next bill. So why bother now!!

As far as CAT is concerned, haven’t started any serious preparations till now and the chapter of Ratio & Proportions, which I was supposed to wind up on 25th,still staring at me reminding me those 1500 bucks that I have SPENT on CAT material. And if this trend continues, soon I will have to replace this “SPENT” word with “WASTED”.

Yesterday saw Anju Bobby George’s Long jump event. Although she finished 6th,she leapt a creditable distance of 6.83m which is also her best and a new national record. Giving personal best in an event like Olympics is creditable and she did exactly that. Hats off to her.

Also watched Women’s 4x400 relay. The quartet was beenamol, chitra soman and two Kaur’s (I don’t exactly remember their names). We cheered them throughout their 3:26:89 effort and were surprised that they won bronze as they came third only to realize that we just wasted our throats for full 3:26:89 as it was heats and not the finals. Good part was that they qualified for the finals.

It’s Saturday today. So by simplest of calculations we can derive that tomorrow is Sunday and more importantly its off from office. Planning to go for shopping with my flat partner and yes this time no shoe polish and shaving cream. Probably I will buy some clothes or a pair of shoes. Also planning to see movie called “Phir Milenge”

PS: These are only the plans and there is no guarantee that they will materialize.

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