Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Getting started..

Just created my blog..i have written somethings during the last few days..so for the sake of continuity,I am posting them (old ones) in chronological order and then i will start afresh...

Date: 11th Aug’04
Time: 4:55 pm

So…I Am making another attempt to write my diary…to be exact, this is my third attempt…First two (mis) adventure died “Natural Death”… Am in love with this word “ND “ these days...My first foray into writing lasted few days…that was first yr. of my engg. And I stretched the next one to more than a yr.. First time, I started JLT (Just Like That..) and the driving force behind the second was the movie called “Astitva”..as the male lead in that movie used to write his own..and if I m recollecting correctly.. he was Sachin Khedekar…Now the question arises ..Where are those two Shakespearean Works??
Answer is ….GOD ONLY KNOWS…I don’t even have the faintest of idea where are the manuscripts!!! First one is truly lost..and if second one has not met the same fate yet.. it must be languishing somewhere in the storeroom of my house in Gwalior waiting for someone to take it out and sell it to some kabadiwala…

Now am having comp. at my disposal and a bit of free time too…always wanted to write my own diary…so I am starting an all new Shakespearean work again!!!Lets see how far it goes…The best part is…I don’t have to bother to search a pen every time to start writing …thanks to Bill Gates….
Am having amazing (???) tool called MS Word!!!

Going through a lot of things these days.. but first a special one…just completed my one yr in office on 4th of august…This is another indication that the time does not melts…it just evaporates…its just a week since I have completed a year yet I can see a positive change in the behavior of my seniors…they are now treating me more as one among the equals and not as a petty GET!!!Am an L3 (this is the hierarchy in our company, L1 being the highest) now and got a considerable hike in my salary also…hope this trend will continue….

Trying to do a lot of things these days…reading novels regularly…Right now am going through “Wise or Otherwise” by Sudha Murthy. Before that I read “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat.. My true inspiration for my third attempt!!! Really. the novel was awesome…one-liners were great…real humour…great narration…each and every line was carefully written to keep u tightly bounded to the Novel…Unarguably one of the best I have read till date…


  1. well mister Maverick....you seem to be quiet a lazy guy.
    Is it like this diary or bloggin routine is gonna end up as a natural death...similar fate as your past adventures with the dear diary entries.

    But the stuff is real natural...straight out of the life of a youngster....with all the same struggles and fun!!

    Keep them coming.

  2. Thanks Highwayman for reading my stuff..

    Continue to infuse enthu to keep me writing...