Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Plan Busted..!!

Date: 27th Sep'04
Time: 1:06AM

Writing at this time!! Yes...Why??..Because i just felt like writing something ..thats it. But the sad part is ..am not writing on MS-Word,instead its my writing pad..So i will have to put some more pressure on my finger tips (which are already having hard time as i am practicing leads on my guitar these days) & will have to type everything again (which i am doing right now..)

But its very essential to write..Because i want to write how a maid servant who has nothing to do with u r life can bust u r idea of an ideal week end.Yes..I was supposed to have a guitar jam at my friends place. Then revision 1 of the program came & he decided to come to my place on Sunday morning. He never turned up as his maid kept him waiting too long & we had to drop the idea.So, this way, a maid servent, who is not even remotely connected to me,who has nothing to do with my life...took the life out of my weekend & instead of having a jam, i ended up watching TV, eating maggie, sipping tea and sipping more tea!!!This is just another example of how my plans take 180 degree turn at the last moment & how the chairman of the planning commission sitting inside me mourns the death of each & every plan conceived by him.

I just hope my plan for this weekend will not meet the same fate & just to continue with my tradition of making plans..i have planned another weekend..(9-10 Oct.)

As it was sunday,i did some dusting..and as it was sunday ..i obliged myself by washing not two but three clothes...2 t-shirts and a shirt..

PS:Bought SONY music system..2600 Watts..!!


  1. hey,
    keep cool....dont feel so frustrated....it's ur life after all...these are petty things which neednt be given so serious a thought...Newayz....one of my frenz always says.."Everything is for a good eng " !!! Somethin' big is in store for yu...So,good luck....

  2. Well thats what...you sshud try and keep your destiny in your own hands....
    the moment it goes independent...you can be sure that it will be screwed.Hopefully the next weekends plan is in your hands.

  3. Hmm..HWM..sometimes things go out of u r control..like in this case where maid governed my destiny!!
    Well..as far as this weekend plan is concerned..am right on track..(as always)..i just hope that it will not derail (atleast this time!!)

  4. hey thanks for the visit on my blog :D.we might not be aware but these servents and maids hav quite big impact on our lives..they hav ruined some of my family outings n other things too by not turning up or being late..hope ur plans for the next weekend dosent backfire :)

  5. Hey Gaurav! Glad u dropped by. Well temme abt plans goin KAPUT...grrrrr! Nuthing can be more irritating. and thr are some ppl who will come and tell you, "Tension nahi leneka, Monaco khaaneka".....arghhh........tht just pisses me off .....lekin i love tht punchline...:P


  6. Hey coolll....chalo kahi toh v r somewot similar, i do diary writing n u write blogs ,pretty coolll...
    Waise it seems u alwys spend ur weekends like this.........this is wat i like but...
    Hahaaa that was good that a maid chged ur fate but act it's not possible n u knw that.Grt saying "A person himself makes his fate" so dont worry next time u make plan, jst stick to it no matter wot happens..
    the way u were whn u were going tO INDORE.....got it bossssssss.....

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