Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Vadapav..oh no..not again..

Here is the fourth one...I guess three more old writings to go...

Date: 26th Aug’04
Time: 5:10 pm

Time to write my page…am thinking of putting all these pages on net…as my blogs…some day I will have my home page and some day I will be able to put these pages on net…(Finally am putting them on net…mission accomplished!!)

Today resolved one or two official issues…so am happy…why? Isn’t it a part of my job? Probably that’s immaturity!!! Who cares.. Am happy.. That’s it.
But all in all, I didn’t have much to do today. So killed a lot of time reading mails and surfing indianguitartabs.com.Spending too much time on this site for the last few months. I think I have mastered this art of killing time now.

Didn’t do anything fruitful yesterday. Anyways, this is the case with most of the days. Reached home pretty early, and then went to eat something because I was dying of hunger. Somehow couldn’t find anything other than Vadapavs and meesalpavs (I just hate these Pav, wonder how 60% of Mumbai is surviving on this only. Infact I wonder whether they know what is sandwich and bread roll or not. I have named Vada Pav as “Doggy Meal”. No offence intended to mumbaikars.).I end up eating masala dosa. Then had a nice little nap of two hours and with this nap, my whole plan of studying after reaching home busted.

Watched India-Pakistan hockey match and we beat them 3-0 in their favour!!(We lost..) Also saw Anju George’s long jump where she took a leap of 6.69 meters (Even I can jump that distance, who cares if it is in two leaps) in her first attempt and sealed a place in finals scheduled for tomorrow. It was 11:00 pm when I again went out in search of something edible and this time again my search ended up with …Guess what…Masala Dosa…

Couldn’t sleep till 3:20 am, so again killed time watching TV. (Don’t u think I should be punished for an offence called “Murder”)

I prepared a small list of to “To Do’s” yesterday and committed to myself to finish them today. There were 6 in all and after finishing some, left are 6!! Hehe.. Haven’t finished any…

O my god, I have to pay my cell bill today. Its last date today. Going to Web World…

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