Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Moving On...

This is the second one of that "OLD POSTINGS" series..Hope am not confusing anybody..

Date: 21st Aug’04
Time: 5:56pm

The best thing about writing on PC is that u can be as exact as u want with the time..just look at the bottom corner of u r right hand side on the screen and u can write precisely the seconds also..really gone are the days of wristwatches. This whole thing about time struck me when I was writing the time in today’s diary…although I sport a wrist watch, which is pretty cool…I wonder..had I ever watched time in it…mostly I pick the time from my cell or from my comp…really we are living in 21st century…

Just noticed that I m writing after exactly 10 days…and where are these days gone? No idea!! Err…O.k. have idea about last 5 days..was attending training on LMDS…(Local Multipoint Distribution System)..wrote the full form here so that I can remember this Abbreviation for few more days!!! Anyways its going to get evaporate from my Cache pretty soon!!!
And yes what about the other 5 days…?? Don’t know ;-)..So am taking it as “was too busy”…Every time when u cannot give an account of the days gone, to u r self…just assume that u were too busy..atleast I do that…and it gives u a feeling that u were pretty overloaded and worked u r heart out..Nice way to relax!!!

So finally I have decided to appear in CAT this time…am not too hopeful about my chances…but I thought I would be a nice idea killing time preparing for CAT instead of killing it on TV!!
My form as well as the CAT material is on the way…probably I will get both on Monday..will start my preparations then..

Tomorrow its Sunday…So it’s a sort of week end for me…actually there is no week end for me..As I work 6 days week…So no Saturday holiday…so no week end..Week for me just ‘ends’…abruptly..

Have lots of things to buy..No shoe polish, no brush, no shaving cream, and no blades. Will buy them tomorrow..
Plus loads of clothes to wash..This is one thing I hate. Everyday I look at the hook trying to figure out which pair is less dirty..and i Keep wearing dirty clothes. I must be smelling like a pig these days…Probably that’s the reason.. No chicks in life!!!

Closing here today with a promise to myself that I will be more regular in writing from now onwards…

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